Jan 21, 2012

Garena Auto Joiner

DotA 7 :::.If you don't have gold member in Garena Client, you can use this programs to join room. Hbm Garena Auto-Joiner is a support program for Garena with features like: Auto Join (Click Auto), Auto Tunnel and Auto Open .


Auto Join: Garena automatically join the room without waiting 5 seconds. You can minimize Garena and do their work.
Automatic Tunnel: Automatic tunnel all players in the room while you are playing games or doing other work.
Auto Trace: Automatically into the room of a friend. You can minimize Garena and do their work.
Automatic detection: Automatic detection of Garena offset so that Auto-Joiner can patch all version of Garena.
Auto Run: Automatically run other programs with Auto-Joiner.
Automatic Updates: Auto update Auto-Joiner to the latest version.

Stable: 4.9.1 [DOWNLOAD]


Virus Total:
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